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Flame retardant paint

Flame retardant paint will ensure fire protection for any building, Intumescent paint can be used to provide this protection in the event of a fire. A lot of aspects of fire prevention are often overlooked and can be very costly, this is because to provide a fire protection for a complete building is very expensive. There are many different products available to you in the market at the moment that cater for all different sub bases but hydron protective coatings have a fantastic range of products that will cater for both a companies or individuals needs. Hydron have a range of products, which are called Nu-flame they have developed these products themselves. They have been developed to prevent fire to many different sub bases. Fire upgrade coating can be applied to walls they have been previously painted to apply with the current regulations. If you require fire resistance to timber properties then a clear intumscent varnish has been developed that provides a clear varnish finish that will not colour the timber so you still have the natural aesthetics of the timber, this can be both used internally and externally. As a product it provides a fantastic overall fire retardant protection.

Hydron has built up a customer base over the years and prides itself on it relationship with its customers, by satisfying their requirements to the best of our ability from our industry leading range of products and services. We also supply our products to many major companies and services all type of industry as well as local and central government throughout the UK. Our reputation has been built or our ability to provide solutions, and our depth of technical expertise and strength of our commitment to customer services.

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